Utah State Kratom Laws

Utah House of Representatives

Utah House of Representatives

Kratom is legal in Utah. Utah was the first state to induce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act as known as the KCPA.

On March 26th, 2019, the Utah Senate passed the bill making this state the first to regulate kratom. The bill that was set in place is known as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). This will hold vendors more accountable by making them comply with the following:

adequately lab-test their products for purity and alkaloid content,

label their kratom products and disclose product origin, ingredients, and alkaloid content,

prohibit sales of kratom products that contain contaminants, adulterants, illegal substances, or other pathogens,

destroy any impure products,

not sell kratom to individuals under 21,

face fines or jail time if they do not comply with the regulations.

An additional kratom bill was passed in March 2020 which requires that kratom vendors in Utah pay a $200 fee to register their products, as well as $40 for processing fees. The processing fee was put in place to help cover all the expenses that are needed to issue a license for selling kratom. This bill helped regulate the industry as well as weed out vendors who were not serious about offering quality kratom.

Advocates are actively working so that kratom remains legal.

If you would like to help protect kratom please look into the American Kratom Association. The AKA has organized the American Kratom Protectors. They are a national grassroots organization that will help lead the advocacy efforts as we fight state bans, share correct information about kratom, and push passage of state and federal Kratom Consumer Protection Acts.

Join today by clicking the link below:

American Kratom Association

Utah Kratom Laws


  GOOD NEWS IN UTAH! The bill (HB 110) that had the kratom amendment added at the last minute and was then sent over to the Senate, passed out of Senator Bramble’s committee today with kratom WITHDRAWN from the bill...